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Swine Flu or Bad Hang-Over? | Indignant Online
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Swine Flu or Bad Hang-Over?

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Did you ever notice that the symptoms and even some of the treatments for the Swine Flu outbreak are a lot like if you have a really bad hang-over?  We’ve prepared this simple chart to keep you from jumping to conclusions if you were over-indulging the night before:


Swine Flu

Bad Hang-Over

Fever Sweating a lot
Fatigue Don’t feel like getting out of bed
Sore throat Raw throat from booze, hurling and shouting over the crowd
Cough See above
Poor appetite “Leave my stomach alone”
Body aches and chills Especially your aching head
Vomiting “Deporting your stomach’s contents”
Diarrhea “What doesn’t come up, will go down”
Nausea Usually accompanied by saying “How much did I drink?”

Treatment for mild cases

Swine Flu

Bad Hang-Over

Lots of rest Sleep it off
Lots of fluids Water and electrolytes

Treatment for severe cases

Swine Flu

Bad Hang-Over

Anti-virals Stomach pumped

Our advice?  Never mix red wine and tequila.

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